The Basics of Creating Memorable Stories for Children

Ralphie the Roach by Ray Sobrino Jr. is a children’s story about a young cockroach named Ralphie who is being bullied at school for being “ugly” and “dirty”. It is a story drawn from the real-life childhood experience of the author himself who underwent bullying while he was still a schoolboy. As an overview, Ralphie the Roach is an inspiring story that gives children a glimpse of the effects of bullying and teaches them how to build self-esteem and accept the differences of one another. This story is essentially one of those few children’s stories that have the ability to leave a lasting impact on their young readers. If you are an aspiring author who wishes to create your own remarkable stories someday, then you are on the right page! This article discusses below the basics of creating memorable stories for children.

Children should relate well to your stories

Stories usually leave a lasting impact on people when they can reflect their experiences in real life. In other words, when stories are relatable, people tend to remember them for a long time. The same thing goes for children’s stories. Children have a tendency to remember stories well when these stories resonate with their real-life experiences. For this reason, if you want to create memorable stories for children, then you need to make sure that your stories are relatable as much as possible. To accomplish this, always choose themes or topics that talk about things children commonly experience. In Ralphie the Roach, for example, Ray Sobrino Jr. touches on the topics of bullying and building self-esteem, which are quite relatable to young kids in general. Many children experienced or are experiencing bullying around the world. How to build self-esteem after bullying is something that they most probably want to read about. So, talking about these kinds of childhood experiences or issues is not only good for creating memorable stories for children but is also necessary.

Your characters should capture children’s hearts

Characters play a crucial role in creating amazing stories for children. Generally, characters are the ones that make stories memorable. They are what children mostly remember about stories. When children talk about particular stories they have read, the initial things that they would always recall are the characters. In essence, the characters are what makes young readers invested in your stories. Because of this, you need to make sure that you create admirable and lovable characters in your stories if you want them to leave a lasting impact on children. Your characters should basically capture the hearts of young readers. Children should be able to see themselves in your characters or find companions in them. More so, your characters should have a positive influence on children.

Your stories should teach life lessons and values

More than the characters and the stories themselves, the messages of your stories play a fundamental role in leaving a lasting impact on your young readers. These messages are basically the real treasures of your stories. They are what you impart to your readers as a gift, and they determine the true value of your literature. For this reason, it is important for you to stuff your stories with life lessons and values as much as possible if you want them to be memorable for children. Create stories that can teach children so many lessons about life. Ralphie the Roach, for example, teaches children about the importance of cultivating kindness and building self-esteem. Courage, compassion, confidence, hope, family, friendship, forgiveness, love – these are the kinds of things that your children’s stories should be talking about. By emphasizing them in your stories, you are bringing good influence and memories to your young readers.

Overall, anyone can create stories for children, but not everyone can come up with memorable ones. Children forget things easily all the time. So, if you want your stories to leave a lasting impact on them, then you need to put more effort into making your stories remarkable and memorable. Make your stories reflective and relatable, develop your characters well, and give your young readers some important lessons they can bring with them as they grow old. Children’s stories like Ray Sobrino Jr.’s Ralphie the Roach are unforgettable not because they have the fanciest narratives nor the most colorful illustrations but because they are valuable and created with so much passion.

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