How to Write a Valuable Children’s Book?

Children’s books are fun to both read and write. Many aspiring and even accomplished authors dream of writing and publishing a children’s book. Aside from the fact that children’s stories are usually light, funny, and heartwarming, authors can also make a great living out of writing children’s books. Even though it may take some time, you can earn enough or so much from writing for children because your customers can be schools or libraries, which may buy your books in bulk. For this to happen, however, your children’s book should be valuable.

Ray Sobrino Jr., an author from California, takes into account the need for value every time he writes a children’s book. The books by Ray Sobrino Jr. contain heartwarming stories that tackle serious issues in life such as conquering adversity in Charlie the Click Bug and overcoming bullying in Ralphie the Roach. After reading these books by Ray Sobrino Jr., children will surely learn something not just about themselves, but also about how they should relate with others.

If you want to learn how to create inspiring stories for children like those of Ray Sobrino Jr., then this article is especially for you. Below are some pieces of advice on how to write a valuable children’s book.

Think of an idea

The very first thing you should do when you want to write a children’s book is to come up with an idea. After you have come up with your idea, start working on it. However, it is not that easy to think of an idea in an instant. Writing a children’s book may sound simple, but there are actually many things that you need to consider.

Before you start, do some research on the works of other authors to get some inspiration and to learn to work around your book. You have to pay attention to how they crafted their story, and what kinds of ideas they have put into their work. After doing these, start formulating your very own idea. Think of unique a concept or theme for a story – something that has never been written before and something that can be distinguished from other books. Remember this concept or theme should also teach children something important about life.

Know what your audience can relate to

When writing a children’s book, you need to take into account the ability of your target readers when it comes to understanding things. You have to think and write your book through the perspective and in consideration of the level of understanding of your readers. In essence, you need to make sure that your readers will understand and relate to your book.

In writing a children’s story, it is always a good idea to talk about the situations that target readers, which are children, usually go through.  Talking about these situations will teach children how to handle them in real life, and it will introduce them to the basic values that they should possess and emulate. Most parents, particularly, prefer to buy books for their children that contain moral lessons. They want their children to know the importance of kindness, friendship, and gratitude, for example, so it would be a great idea to write a children’s book that centers on these lessons.

Communicate effectively

The main purpose of writing a valuable children’s book is to make children learn and understand the important lessons in life. To do this, however, you, as an author, need to ensure that you communicate effectively with your young readers. This means that you need to write in a language that children can easily understand. Since you are writing for children, it is not necessary to boast off your vast vocabulary.

For a children’s book to be good, valuable, and effective, it should be written in simple language. Simplicity of language helps you make your readers understand better the story that you are trying to tell. Ultimately, when writing children’s books in general, you need to keep in mind that your main audience are children whose pool of vocabulary is different from yours. So, make everything simple.

Overall, the most important thing to remember when trying to write a valuable children’s book is that your intentions should be pure. Your main purpose should be to teach children about the moral lessons that they need to learn. Just like the books by Ray Sobrino Jr., your children’s book should not just be all about words, colors, and shapes. It should also be about values.

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