Ralphie the Roach

Ray Sobrino Jr.

Book Summary

Ralphie the Roach is a story of how to be nice to another regardless of how you live or the type of family you have. This story teaches us that you may not be the prettiest of insects, but you might have the biggest heart.

Other Books

Charlie the Click Bug

This is about a little bug who has a medical condition called epilepsy. He doesn’t know why he continues to click uncontrollably. He goes to the doctor, and he and his parents are trying to understand that he can fit in with the other bugs in his neighborhood. This is common in millions of children around the world. I am using insects as a model for children to try and conquer their adversities in my books. I believe if a bug can get some help, they can conquer any adversity they come across as well. Charlie learns that those who love him and care for him are his true strength in conquering anything that causes a speed bump in his life.

Esther and the Revolution

I wrote this story as a historical fiction about a young woman trying to leave a war-torn nation to find safety and happiness. Esther, the title character, is coming from a tiny town in central Mexico. Along her journey toward the United States, she encounters major historical figures who shaped the history of Mexico. Some people have heard these names on occasion.

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